Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Lily: 11 months

 11 month old walking expert with a new appreciation for purses- they’re not just to pull stuff out of anymore, they are for putting on over your head and walking around with! She wants to wear everything (at least that's what I'm assuming she's doing when she picks up any article of clothing she can find and puts it over her head...and then tries to walk around with her vision obscured...)

Knows to laugh when everyone else is laughing or when she sees herself. Slobbery kiss giver. Nose-wrinkler. Just plain cute. Mostly sweet, a bit sassy, easily frustrated. 

She usually takes one nap, usually around 2 hours, usually around noon but all that is rather changing. We've had a number of "we're going for a drive" days to ensure a nap or a longer one after she wakes up after only a half hour. Food-wise she has a couple sit-down meals and snacks on food in between plus breastfeeds 4 times a day.

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

Lily: 10 months

Since I'm posting this a few days late maybe I should include it on next months blog but where's the fun in that? Lily is walking! She has finally realized that she doesn't always have to hold onto things and it has resulted in a number of dashes across the living room, sometimes ending at the other side of the room and sometimes ending face down in the middle. We're happy either way!

In other news some days we've made progress with her taking longer and not-in-the-moby naps. Some days we don't. The days of an every three hour cycle of eating playing sleeping are over and we're just trying to figure out how this eating normal food/breastfeeding less/napping less/not always napping on mom/napping after eating instead of eating after napping/or just not napping thing works.

Of all her toys (and random things in the house she has access to) she loves her rectangular red blocks  the most. I have found them in drawers, cupboards, the trash can, in bathrooms, bedrooms, and closets while the entire variety of other blocks, books, and toys remain generally in their corner. She is a peek-a-boo pro being that she can move a blanket over or away from her face by herself and that she gets the best laughs out of it. Her silliest giggles are saved for silly games with daddy though. She's also mastered "hmmm?" and tongue clicking. She gives slobbery kisses, hesitant waves, and repeated high-fives.

Her 9 month appointment was a sweet no-shots deal. She weighs 17 lbs now and is 27" tall (25th and 17th %tiles). The height she has gained lately has given her just what she needed to reach the next level of shelves!

"Heehee! You can't stop me now!"

Wednesday, September 30, 2015

12 things you wish you knew before cutting your baby's nails

Having been a mom for nearly 10 months now, I am an expert at all things baby and would like to share a few tips with you on how to cut a baby's nails. I know this can be a daunting task but I promise you once you read my tips you will know exactly how to do it and never struggle again! By following these tips we've had such success with our baby. She actually has never struggled against us, never cried, never scratched herself, and is already able to cut the nails on her left hand with barely any assistance and only some additional assistance to cut the nails on her right hand! We're so proud of our baby because she is better than your baby!

Do it while they sleep - there is far too much movement if they're awake and you are sure to cut their fingers off even with the best of intentions.

Use a normal nail clippers - then you can get the whole nail in one clip instead of having to re-address each finger multiple times, plus I'm sure you have one on hand already. We don't buy extra unnecessary things for our baby and neither should you.

Only cut one nail per sitting - babies must be free to explore the world and use their little hands so you shouldn't restrain them for any longer than you have to. Usually the time it takes to cut one fingernail is just right if not too long.

Use a specialty baby nail cutting scissors - you can find specialty baby nail cutting scissors at all your local specialty baby nail cutting scissors stores or on Etsy, make sure it's cute and gender appropriate. We have a monogramed one for our baby and it's better than whatever you have.

Do it while they're awake - never wake a sleeping baby! One wrong move and they'll never nap again.

Use your teeth to bite them off - you wouldn't be the one to cut your precious baby's fingers by using a sharp metal object, would you? If the idea of biting their nails grosses you out you'll have to get over it. Your baby is like your own flesh and blood and they will forever hold it against you if you can't muster up the courage to do the right thing for them. Likewise, they will always remember to thank you when they're grown for the extra measures you took for them.

Do it by yourself - asking for help to hold a baby still? I hope you've never had to do this, but if you have, never again! You are perfectly competent to hold such a tiny, weak and helpless being in place for a short period of time. Believe in yourself, look in the mirror before starting and tell yourself how strong you are. Maybe flex a little- whatever works for you as long as you don't start believing you are weaker than a baby.

Keep the nails short - if you happen to feel a gentle scratch while your baby is nursing (of course you don't feed them that formula stuff) or you see a tiny red line on their face you have waited weeks too long! You need to stay on top of these things as a caretaker of a baby, they are counting on you to protect them from scratching their corneas off.

Only cut them after a bath - it doesn't matter when you actually have time to do it, never cut your babies sensitive nails unless they've been soaking in a bath for at least a half hour.

Ask for help - the worst thing you could do is try do a task that requires at least 3 hands (I should clarify, 3 adult hands in addition to the baby's hands) with only 2.

Don't bite the nails off - because germs. Germs lead to infection, infection leads to sepsis, sepsis leads to severe sepsis... it's a slippery slope!

Don't cut them too short - this could hurt your baby and how else are they supposed to get the stickers off their new toys?

Don't cut them at all - your little one can wear mitts until they're old enough to cut their own nails. Be sure to buy mitts made of all organic materials and do I even have to mention that they have to be cute, gender appropriate, monogramed, handmade, and made from the hand-spun alpaca wool (local of course!)

Good luck!

Thursday, September 3, 2015

Lily: 9 months

9 months! 

I'm sitting next to a near-toddler right now. Right now she's in her high chair gnawing (using all FOUR of her teeth) on some muskmelon and pork which she intermittently takes out of her mouth and holds above her head to proudly show off to me. When she has my attention this is usually accompanied by a smile and a little happy-gasp or a nose-wrinkling happy-sniffle. When I ask for a high five she fives me one, or four. When she's not in her high chair she is a proficient with-a-walker-walker and pushes that or a chair around or she stands for a short period when she feels like being more vertical. Her favorite place to be is near us and is much more aware when we're absent (or in the next room over instead of right next to her).

look at those teeth!


Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lily: 8 months

Not even 2 weeks ago Lily turned 8 months! As a 7 month old she kept us puzzled- was she saying "a-ga-ga" or "da-da?" She has become very well-practiced in her standing up and walking along things skills and often practices picking things up from the floor while standing. She has also taken most calm mealtimes and turned them into acrobatics practice- usually starting off eating just to eat and ending with her body twisted all the way around just to show off how many positions she can eat in. She still tends to think our fenced-in yard (patio) is the best since she can always find a leaf or some fake grass to try eat and it offers the best view of passing cars, delivery trucks, kids riding their scooters, and even softball games.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lily: 7 months

Another month, another milestone: this time it’s crawling time! Lily’s keeping us busy with baby-proofing while simultaneously littering the floors with anything she can chew on or pick up and bang on the ground. She has tried a variety of foods by now but still doesn’t eat solids every day. It appears that she likes fruits over veggies for now. 

At her 6 month appointment she weighed 16 lbs, was 25.5 inches, and enjoyed the crinkly exam table paper as never before! She still enjoys splashing in the pool or tub (not ocean) and tends to sleep or relax through runs in the jogging stroller. She is a very motivational running buddy, especially when unhappy or hungry. Her expanding vocab includes screaming, “pfffft,” “bbbbbsh,” “wah-wah-ah-wahh” etc.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lily: 6 months

Every month Lily is able to do more and more. I am very pleased to report that this month there is also less of something: spit-up! I no longer have to do laundry every other day nor does she constantly have to be accompanied by a (often already saturated) spit rag nor do I have a constant array of splotches on my own clothes nor does she get so uncomfortable if she's not held up for a while after eating. That brings us to Lily's other big milestone this month: sitting up on her own! Set her up and she's good to sit there indefinitely and hold herself up...until she sees something just out of reach then she plops down and rolls or scoots to almost wherever she pleases. Usually her goal is to get somewhere to chew on something and the last couple months of teething has finally helped one sharp little bottom tooth emerge!

Lily is proving to be an avid traveller on her first plane rides and on a another road trip even though she let her FOMO* get in the way of her usual 11 uninterrupted hours of sleep at night.

Happy 1/2 birthday, baby! You bring us so much joy with your smiles and cuddles, your giggles and squeals, and even your grumpy faces and tears. Thank you for sleeping through the night, for breastfeeding, and for being healthy. Thanks for having soft curly hair, the smoothest skin, and big brown eyes. Thank you for putting up with the times we've let you get stuck under beds, had to let you fuss for a while, took the power cord or the phone away from you, didn't feed you the second you wanted, or paid more attention to our phones than to you. Thanks for letting us blow in your face and make the goofiest noises around you and for letting us smother you with kisses. Thank you for being our daughter. I know you have no control over any of these things so we thank the Lord for making you you!

*fear of missing out (I'm assuming she inherited this from her mother)