Wednesday, August 12, 2015

Lily: 8 months

Not even 2 weeks ago Lily turned 8 months! As a 7 month old she kept us puzzled- was she saying "a-ga-ga" or "da-da?" She has become very well-practiced in her standing up and walking along things skills and often practices picking things up from the floor while standing. She has also taken most calm mealtimes and turned them into acrobatics practice- usually starting off eating just to eat and ending with her body twisted all the way around just to show off how many positions she can eat in. She still tends to think our fenced-in yard (patio) is the best since she can always find a leaf or some fake grass to try eat and it offers the best view of passing cars, delivery trucks, kids riding their scooters, and even softball games.

Friday, July 3, 2015

Lily: 7 months

Another month, another milestone: this time it’s crawling time! Lily’s keeping us busy with baby-proofing while simultaneously littering the floors with anything she can chew on or pick up and bang on the ground. She has tried a variety of foods by now but still doesn’t eat solids every day. It appears that she likes fruits over veggies for now. 

At her 6 month appointment she weighed 16 lbs, was 25.5 inches, and enjoyed the crinkly exam table paper as never before! She still enjoys splashing in the pool or tub (not ocean) and tends to sleep or relax through runs in the jogging stroller. She is a very motivational running buddy, especially when unhappy or hungry. Her expanding vocab includes screaming, “pfffft,” “bbbbbsh,” “wah-wah-ah-wahh” etc.

Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Lily: 6 months

Every month Lily is able to do more and more. I am very pleased to report that this month there is also less of something: spit-up! I no longer have to do laundry every other day nor does she constantly have to be accompanied by a (often already saturated) spit rag nor do I have a constant array of splotches on my own clothes nor does she get so uncomfortable if she's not held up for a while after eating. That brings us to Lily's other big milestone this month: sitting up on her own! Set her up and she's good to sit there indefinitely and hold herself up...until she sees something just out of reach then she plops down and rolls or scoots to almost wherever she pleases. Usually her goal is to get somewhere to chew on something and the last couple months of teething has finally helped one sharp little bottom tooth emerge!

Lily is proving to be an avid traveller on her first plane rides and on a another road trip even though she let her FOMO* get in the way of her usual 11 uninterrupted hours of sleep at night.

Happy 1/2 birthday, baby! You bring us so much joy with your smiles and cuddles, your giggles and squeals, and even your grumpy faces and tears. Thank you for sleeping through the night, for breastfeeding, and for being healthy. Thanks for having soft curly hair, the smoothest skin, and big brown eyes. Thank you for putting up with the times we've let you get stuck under beds, had to let you fuss for a while, took the power cord or the phone away from you, didn't feed you the second you wanted, or paid more attention to our phones than to you. Thanks for letting us blow in your face and make the goofiest noises around you and for letting us smother you with kisses. Thank you for being our daughter. I know you have no control over any of these things so we thank the Lord for making you you!

*fear of missing out (I'm assuming she inherited this from her mother)

Saturday, May 2, 2015

Lily: 5 months

New this month for Lily are things like rolling from tummy to back, the ability to pick something (largeish) up and hold on to (gnaw on) it, grabbing most of the things, a new level of happy screams, and wetting her diapers wetter. At her last check-up a couple weeks ago she was 13lb, 8oz and 23.5" (still on the smaller end of the spectrum but chubby!)

As I write this she has manouvered her way to where she can now kick the vertical blinds, this was the process of her turning on to her side and then back to her back in a different position (not sure how else to explain it). Even without knowing where she was going she ended up somewhere pretty exciting!

Taking a short break from trying to get her gums on the uke.

I'm a pretty big fan of her smiles.

Thursday, April 2, 2015

Lily: 4 months

gnawing on her hands
staring at the blue bird on the swing
grabbing at the duck on the doorway jumper
kicking her feet to slowly move in a circle on the floor
being outside in the warm weather for the first time in her life

She was eventually able to adjust to taking the bottle while I'm at work though her sleep is a little more wonky now throughout the week. She generally spends most of her awake time doing practice talking, practice sitting, practice standing, practice rolling, and practice flying.

Monday, March 2, 2015

Lily: 3 months

Nothing particularly monumental happened development-wise this month. Lily is more expressive and has more smiles- from gummy grins to little smirks as well as happy squeals. Her smiles are are usually on her terms and can only sometimes be coaxed (we do coax them), she even smiled at herself in the mirror a couple days ago! She does sleep 5-7 hour stretches at night more nights than not now which is nice (would be extra nice if I went to bed at 8 or 9 as well). She also stays awake longer (more often awake 2 hours, asleep 1 during the day instead of vice versa) and has even skipped a couple naps altogether now and then. She is getting stronger and bigger at more than 11 lbs. now and wearing her 3-6 month clothes. It has been such a treat to get to spend these days (months!) off of work hanging out with this chill and snuggly girl!

she smiles bigger than this but this is as much as I could capture


Sunday, February 8, 2015

Lily: 2 months

her parents
being rocked to sleep for naps during the day
long walks in the Ergo
the swinging car seat
just laying around

Least Favorites:
the still or the rocking car seat
passing gas and those difficult poops
dirty diapers
when her bow falls down over her eyes

New this month:
size 1 diapers
cloth diapers for most of the time
snowman building
more head control
more oohing and aahing and other apparent attempts at verbal communication
more waves in her hair
more length to the car seat straps

For a while this month her every 3 hour day-time routine was to wake up (or just start crying without waking up), eat, burp and spit up, hang out happily for a while (with some more spitting up), yawn, sneeze twice, smile, get fussy after a while, yawn more, get stuck in the carrier, sleep, wake up, eat... She definitely had the being a one-month-old thing down to a science.

At her 2 month appointment she weighed 10 lb, 3 oz (more than 2.5 her birth weight) and was 22", putting her up into the 20's for percentile instead of just making it onto the charts. If her job is to look cute and to get bigger, she should get a raise for her excellent performance.