Thursday, January 27, 2011

Mi primer fin de semana aquí

For our first weekend we had a photo scavenger hunt all day Saturday. We met at 11 to get our assignments, get in groups, spend some time mapping out the places we needed to go, and hit the roads!

We ran into some sort of march or demonstration (una manifestación) against something. We asked what their signs were for but none of us really had the vocab to know what they told us. This was just the start of us wanting to get some cool random pictures for extra points (and therefore a few less of the pictures we were actually supposed to get- especially those far away).

Hannah and I climbed a tree! We're the only nursing majors of all the 48 students this semester- a lot of people are Spanish or International Studies majors (surprise surprise).

One of the places we had to go was the Plaza de España. Apparently part of one of the (4?) Star Wars movies was filmed there (walking along the hallway?) so our group went for another fun shot, special effects thanks to Hans the graphic design major and photoshop.

We found another banyan tree (there are quite a few around and I love them!) and climbed it- this is the whole group before going home for lunch.

Here's the group after lunch (two plus the person taking the picture). The park we had to get into was closed but I'm pretty sure this still counted as being there. We all met back at the school and looked at all the teams' pictures. Despite having the most exciting pictures we lost the competition. It was a good day despite.

This is a pretty street. There are lots of them in Seville! All the buildings are so vibrant and there are all kinds of little park or plaza areas. I can't wait until it's nice out and I can walk all around this city and get to know it better. On Sunday I went with three others to mass at the Sevilla Cathedral- it is so beautiful and it was a great experience to worship in a place with not only unfamiliar customs but an unfamiliar language but still having the familiar time of sitting with brothers and sisters in Christ, praying, and hearing God's word (I could recognize familiar phrases and verses). We went to a Cafe de Indias coffee shop and talked until lunch and then after lunch I went with my roommate to another Cafe de Indias where a bunch of girls from Acento met up. I got tortitas con nata (basically pancakes with whipped cream) and they were so good! After that some of us went to what we thought was going to be a church party and ended up being more of a conference-type thing. We got to hear a bit of a message, hear some gitano/gypsy style singing, and pray for the church in Sevilla and Spain. We also got to experience Sevilla's busses. (Note- if you want to go back two stops on a circle route it might be more time efficient, but less entertaining, to look around for the bus stop on the other side of the street instead of just hopping on the first bus you see and going all the way around the city.)

(oh yeah, and some of the pictures I pulled off of facebook so they aren't all mine this time)

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